One great way to make use of cement that will also add décor and functionality to your yard is to make some creative and unique looking stepping stones. You can place them around the yard in the areas where you walk so you can keep your shoes cleaner and your lawn nicer. Placing them in the garden will help you avoid stepping in the soil. This article will give you instructions on how you can make your own cement stepping stones.

Lay out your molds

You can use metal cake pans or plastic molds for the stepping stone molds. Pick a flat area with plenty of space and lay the pans or molds all out. Spray the molds with some cooking spray to make it easier to get the stepping stones out, although they will probably still come out fine if you skip this step.

Pour the cement into the molds

Pour the cement in to each mold carefully, stopping once it reaches the top. Lift each mold with both hands so it's a couple of inches off the surface you are working on and drop it. Do this a couple of times to work any air bubbles out of the cement.

Decorate the stepping stones with the decorations of your choice

Once the molds have the cement in them, you can move on to decorating them. You can create colorful ones by pushing pieces of colorful glass into the top of them. You can also create designs by pushing differently shaped cookie cutters into the cement, and you can then rough up the inside of the design or even add some cement dye to those areas. You can take a sharp instrument and write words in it. If you want to involve the kids, you can have them put their hands into the cement to create lasting handprints.

Allow the stepping stones to dry

The amount of time needed for the stepping stones to dry will depend on the type of cement you use. You want to make sure you wait until the cement is completely dry before attempting to remove them from the molds. When it's time, you can turn them upside down over a soft surface and they will come right out. You should wait at least another week before you step on them.

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