When your current driveway has cracks, discoloration or small holes, you want to find a way to deal with the problem. However, unless you want to remove it completely, you need a way to enhance the surface without replacing it. Luckily, you have several options for repairing the damage and improving it at the same time.

Place a Micro Layer

The first issue you want to deal with is any surface damage. This means filling in small holes and cracks with new concrete. The easiest method is to apply a new micro layer to the top of your driveway because it allows you to repair the damage quickly.

Before the new layer of concrete goes down, the contractor will scrub the surface of your driveway with a water and soap mixture. This process helps remove debris that could compromise the new concrete. For example, dirt left on the surface could upset the moisture level in the concrete, which would make it cure too fast and this could make the new surface crack.

After the prep work is done, the contractor will then pour a very thin layer of concrete over the surface. The workers will also level the surface so that there are no bumps or dips. This attention to detail will create a smooth surface and make your older driveway look new once again.

Add Some Color

Even with a brand new layer of concrete, you can enhance it further by adding color. However, the coloring method you choose will determine the final look of the surface.

One option you have is to use a concrete paint. This paint goes onto the surface and bonds with the concrete, which means it is less likely to peel or crack. When you are considering a concrete paint, you need to be aware that the color will be solid in appearance. This means that you will not see the grey color of the concrete underneath the paint.

A water-based stain is a different option that will allow you to add color without being completely solid. The water-based stain bonds with the top layer of the concrete as the paint does, but the color is slightly muted. On the other hand, you can use the muted color to your advantage. For example, you can place a light coat over the entire surface and then add an extra coat over the edges to shade or highlight these spots.

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