Bathrooms can get tired looking over time and will need some work to get it looking vibrant again. One thing you can do is replace the old bathroom sink countertop with a concrete one. A concrete counter top is sturdy and can help give the bathroom an elegant appearance. Here is how you can build a concrete sink countertop for your bathroom.

You Will Need:

  • Concrete Mix
  • 8'x4' Plywood Sheet
  • 8'x'4' Foam Sheet
  • Measuring Tape
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Five Gallon Pail
  • Hand-Held Sander
  • 2 Workhorses
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Glue

Building Mold

The first step will be to build the mold that you are going to pour the concrete into to create the countertop. You begin by measuring how big you want the make the countertop. Next you need to measure where you are going to place the faucet and handles for the cold and hot water. Finally, measure the size of the sink that you are going to put in the middle of countertop.

Build the frame using two by fours as walls and a piece of plywood as the bottom. Take a sheet of foam and cut out the size of the sink. Position the foam in the frame where the sink will go once the countertop is completed. You should also cut out small pieces of foam to place where the faucet and water handles will go. Glue the foam to the plywood backing on the mold so they don't move around when you pour concrete into the mold.

Place the mold on a couple of workhorses so you can gain access to the bottom of the mold.

Pour Concrete into Mold

You can rent a small concrete mixer at the hardware store. Mix the concrete and pour it into five gallon pails. Carefully pour the concrete from the pail into the mold—be careful you don't dislodge any of the foam pieces.

You can make the concrete settle in the mold by using a small hand-held sander. Turn the sander on and reach under the frame. Allow the edge of the sander (don't use the flat side of the sander for this process, since it won't provide the amount of vibration you are going to need to shake the concrete in the mold) to vibrate against the bottom of the mold. The vibration will cause the concrete to settle and remove air bubbles. Take a section of a two by four and run it along the top of the mold to flatten the surface of the concrete and remove any excess material.

Allow the countertop to sit until the concrete is completely dried. Remove the countertop from the mold and install it in your bathroom.

If all this seems a little beyond what you feel comfortable with, go ahead and call a local concrete contractor (such as Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete).